an unusual move prt.3 – immigration ft. COVID-19

I’m skipping a couple of weeks in the story of our move to keep you updated on our situation, which has developed very interestingly the last few days.

Wednesday morning I woke up at 06.58 to news I’ve been anticipating for 11 months. Wes was already up.
“Babe, you got your interview date” he said.
My thoughts were spinning before I caught my next breath. Without telling me more, Wesley hopped in the shower. I laid still in bed for a moment, letting my body wake up. I prayed a quiet morning prayer, making sure my heart and mind were fixed on God, who is good and faithful no matter what happens. I thanked him for a new day.
Slowly I reached for my phone and updated my e-mail inbox. The shower was running in the bathroom. It was still dark and the bright light from my iPhone screen made my eyes squint.
My phone connected and downloaded new mail. Sure enough, there was an email from the National Visa Center. I tapped on it, hestitant and excited.  As usual, it was a long email and I scrolled through it, not really reading anything until I saw a date printed on the very bottom.

April 7th at 8am, US Embassy in Stockholm, Sweden.

My first thought is that’s not ideal at all. I had hoped wholeheartedly that they would schedule me for May. I have to go back to Europe anyway to attend my brother’s wedding in the middle of May. With the interview being on the 7th of April I would have to be in Denmark, at the latest, on March 26th. Why? Because I have to undergo a medical examination (that has to happen in Copenhagen) at least 11 days before the interview takes place. After the interview in Stockholm, they take 10 days to process the visa. Then they have to mail it to me. Best case scenario, I could expect to have my visa around April 21st or so. At this point I might as well stay in Denmark until the wedding, After all, it’s not free to fly across the world. Some quick math shows that would be more than six weeks away from Wes. Like I said – it’s not ideal.
All these thoughts flooded my brain just minutes after I woke up. I put my phone away and surrendered every thought to Jesus. No need to worry. I can only do so much – in the end everything is up to him. I got out of bed, made my way to the kitchen and whipped up some breakfast.
Before Wesley left for work we talked about the possibility of asking them if they can reschedule. We decided to think about for a little, make a few phone calls and do some research. I kissed him goodbye and sent him off for the day.

At this point I had no clue how the rest of the day would unfold.. but only a few hours later the situation grew a lot more complicated. Over lunch I watched the prime minister of Denmark shut down our country as an attempt to avoid the spreading of the coronavirus. Another few hours and President Trump closes the boarders for all incoming traffic from Europe.
The absurdity of the situation hit me with amazement and frowns and honestly some laughter. It was just too crazy. That our final step in the immigration process would collide with COVID-19 was something we had not foreseen.
We contacted our families. The doctor’s office. The immigratons authorities. We consulted our hearts. How did we actually feel aout it?
We also prayed a lot that day. For wisdom and guidance and peace of mind, and the truth is, that we did and do have peace. Decisions are being made and it seems like most of them aren’t left for us to make. That’s okay.
Technically, I could still go. All Danish citizens are welcomed home. But there’s a chance that I get stuck in Denmark and get seperated from Wesley for.. who knows how long?
That is a risk I’m not very willing to take, even compared to the risk of waiting for many more months for a new interview date. I know I belong with Wes, and I’ll do what I can to stay with him. We are trying to make a decision.
Many people face very difficult things in the wake of this virus. As frustrating as it is, I try to comtemplate on our many reasons to be grateful.
At least I’m together with my man. At least my family isn’t sick yet. At least Wes has a job that provides enough for us, so I’m not in a desperate need of a work permit and a job. At least I have heavenly peace in my heart.
To you, as you’re reading this – I hope you have that peace too. If not, go to Jesus. Stores might be out of milk and flour and meat and greens, but God doesn’t run out of peace and courage and love for his children. There’s more than enough for everybody and it satisfies more than a fridge full of food. It even calms the heart of those who are sick and in danger of losing their life. Those who belong to Jesus know they don’t have to fear death, because when we leave this earth we get to be with Him, who is LIFE ITSELF. I hope you know him. I hope you find him!

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