Excuse me, God, that is not possible!

I thought I was doing pretty good on my bible knowledge, but this weeks teaching left me with my jaw dropped to the floor. THAT BOOK IS WILD – especially because it exposes the reality of our world! Sometimes I get so frustrated with western culture, because (even though I don’t want to) we have a tendency to think that we are superior to all other cultures. Believing in a spiritual reality isn’t just far from atheist, but really far from many christians.  This whole week my ignorance kept laughing at me  and I could do nothing but laugh with it. As Heather challenged our beliefs about the spiritual world I realized how easy it is to assume. Assume that ghosts isn’t a real thing and that calling up the dead is impossible, when acutally the bible gives pretty good reason to believe otherwise. “What in the actual world!?” you might think, just as I did. Well, let’s take a look at this book for a minute. Heather took us back to the old testament and we took a look at the laws. Exodus 20:13 – “You shall not murder.” Is it possible to murder? Absolutely. It’s seems obvious that we shouldn’t murder. It also seems obvious to me that a man shouldn’t have sex with his mom, yet God spent time prohibitting it in Leviticus 18:7. I don’t think God is wasting his time. Is it possible to have sex with your mom? It is, so God had to forbid it. God would not forbid anything that isn’t even possible, but in Deuteronomy 18:11 God says that he doesn’t want to find anyone who “casts spells, or which is a medium or spiritist or who consults the dead.” Excuse me, God, sir, that is not even possible. That’s occult and we should stay away from that. On the other hand.. If there was a need to prohibit it, it probably is a real thing. Actually king Saul calls up the prophet Samuel from the dead (1 Samuel 28) and as we dug into the hebrew words we all were shocked to realize, that calling up the spirits from the dead is not an illusion. And honestly, Western culture is the only culture that cringes when that is said. We tend to think, that we are so wise, so well educated but we lack so much knowledge. The bible was written for every culture, and I really want to learn about other cultures to be able to see the riches of the word of God AND understand the reality I’m living in. As a Westerner my top value in life is truth and the only place to find it is in that book. The bible is where it’s at, friends. Let’s get in there.

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