Messy mixture of the Bible and McDonald’s

When I first started to recognize God’s voice and listen to Him he spoke to me through my thoughts a lot. Very specific, personal and soothing words whispered into my mind, revealing to me who my Father is and who I am. Lately, those sweet conversation has been lacking, but instead I’ve found myself digging into the Bible, discovering how powerful the written word is.

The storyline of the bible is so incredible. They say that Harry Potter has amazing set up’s and pay off’s but the Bible is out of league. God is certainly the greatest communicator and the Bible can speak into every!!! situation. This book is for sure living and active, just as it describes itself. Looking back on the last 10 weeks, reading the Bible has probably been the most impactful thing. I didn’t really expect that, but I think that it’s maturing to become more familiar with the word of the God, I love. In the end, that Bible always has the final word and through the truth in it we have to filter everything else that we think the Lord is speaking. As I (more) confidently flip through my Bible now, I realize that I’ve come to know Him so much better and I don’t always need Him to speak specific words in my thoughts, because I already know what he said in the Bible.

And then a side note:

As I said, I didn’t expect this  to be the main thing I learned in SOMD. I thought I was here to figure out how I can fight modern day slavery, and God has barely been speaking to me about that. If I have felt discouraged and almost lost the dream? Absolutely.
But I also know, that God doesn’t waste time. There’s no doubt in my mind that He brought me to this school at this time for a reason. I am pretty sure that this dream to fight trafficking is from God, but I think he’s been asking me if I would still be satisfied in Him if he called me to stay single and work at McDonald’s for the rest of my days? I really don’t want to do that and don’t think I will, but He might be trying to bring me to a point where I’m so in love with Him that it would be ok. Because until I love him like that, I don’t think I’m ready to pick up this fight. If I’m not deeply rooted in the word and love of Jesus I’m going to fall and fail.

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